About us

Global Quartz Tech B.V.

Global Quartz Tech B.V. is a renowned glass workshop (specialized in quartz glass products), which was established in 2005 following the closure of Heraeus Quartzglas in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The products we manufacture are made of high-quality quartz glass. These are all very diverse, ranging from very simple to very complex.  We purchase the quartz base material from Heraeus, among others. We supply to various industry sectors, including analytical, biotechnology, petro(chemical), semiconductor, laboratories, medical, and solar industries, universities, and water treatment plants. Our products are supplied all over the world.

Thanks to previously having worked for Heraeus Quartzglas, the employees at Global Quartz Tech have a lot of experience processing quartz glass. Several employees have also completed the Instrument Makers training programme in Leiden, which is a great foundation for working as a glass instrument maker, processing or blowing glass, or working in a glass-blowing workshop, etc.

We work closely with other reputable companies, such as Xycarb Ceramics and Thermo Fisher, etc.

We produce quartz glass products ‘copy exact’.

We deliver our products worldwide and supply to various industries, such as:

  • Analytical industry

  • Biotechnology industry

  • Petro(chemical) industry

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Laboratories

  • Medical industry

  • Solar industry

  • Universities

  • Water treatment plants

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