Glassware repair

Repairs at Global Quartz Tech

Creating new products is not the only thing we do; we also offer a repair service. Products (glassware) requiring repair are sent to us by the customer or, if the customer prefers, we can collect them. We then inspect and assess the product that is in need of repair, and then contact the customer to inform them about the costs involved.

After we have consulted with the customer, we get started with the repair of the glassware. Since we keep our internal lines short, we can react flexibly and quickly to your needs: this means that if you need a quick turn-around time, this can be arranged.

In Europe, we represent Xycarb Ceramics regarding the repair of quartz glass (wafer lift shaft, solid shaft, upper dome, lower dome, ATM chamber, RP chamber, etc.) for the semiconductor industry (Centura and Epsilon).